Stephen Pelcher

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Stephen has long had a passion for coaching and endurance sports, spending his childhood summers putting in miles and his winters as a Professional Ski Instructor. Stephen found Crossfit in early 2006 while searching for training techniques that would provide better results while avoiding hours of boring sets and reps. Crossfit provided him constant variety, short workouts, powerful results and friendly competition all in one and he has been training this way ever since. Using the training methodology obtained through his Crossfit Endurance Certification, he focuses on proper technique and high-intensity interval training, which has allowed him to complete four Ironman distance triathlons and multiple half marathons, full marathons and adventure races, all with no more than 10 hours of training a week. Stephen is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and passion for running and fitness to anyone interested in finding a better balance between their life and their training time.


Ironman Augusta 2012
Ironman lake placid 2013
Ironman Augusta 2013
Ironman Raleigh 2014