Physical Freedom

For a Life

well lived.

How to Get Started

Ready to finally get fit for life? We empower our members to take responsibility for their physical freedom and expression for a life well-lived.

Through clear education, professional mentorship, and simple exercise we serve people who want to be capable and confident in their lives outside of the gym.

Everyone starts with a free discovery call to find out if exactly what success looks like to you. If we find out we can help you, we will. If we can’t, we will help you find someone who can.

Book your discovery call today!

Step 1: Assess

Everyone starts with a free discovery call and consultation where we get clear on what success looks like to you. You will leave this session with clarity and direction for your personalized coaching plan.

Think of this as the get to know you phase (and we want to get to know you!).

Step 2: Develop

Everyone begins with a custom 1-on-1 personal training plan prescribed to address your specific needs based on our Goals Review and Personal Movement Assessment to ensure confidence and competence.

This is how we get you moving pain-free and ready for more.

Step 3: Ascend

You're moving pain free and you feel empowered by building healthy lifestyle habits. Go you!

At this point, you step into individually designed training in a semi-private environment, all under the guidance of our professional coaches.

Step 4: Optimize

You're now moving and feeling better than ever before! You have the physical freedom to say YES to any opportunity and approach the hobbies and activities that were once out of reach.

We want to maintain your progress and we'll do that through a simply designed program and ongoing, world class support..


How does it work?

We’ll guide you to the plan that will get you the best results. 

Personal training

100% of your personal coach’s attention is on you and helping you reach your goals, both in and outside of the gym.

Individual Program Design

Move and feel great! Complete a training program designed specifically to address your needs.

Nutrition & Lifestyle COaching

By improving your habits outside of the gym you can physically “see” results in as little as six weeks.

Group training

Each session provides a thoughtfully designed, simple workout under the guidance of a professional coach.

We're Moving!

Thank you for your interest in Swamp Rabbit. As of Oct 31st, 2023 we are no longer operating out of 25 Delano Drive. Our coaching staff has relocated to a temporary location and are currently offering group functional fitness classes as well as personal one on one sessions. If you would like more information please contact Kara or Shannon or fill out the form. You can also follow them on instagram (@sr_coaches) to see what they are up to!