Saturday, July 12, 2014


from 9-1

Join us for food, WODs and FUN! Feel free to bring some snacks to share. We will have food and beer too! 

Stick around to compete(ALL LEVELS) and win raffle prizes!

Big THANKS to all of our SPONSORS who are also members and friends with businesses that you could benefit from! Check them out with the links below!

TPM/WOD Graphics

Chris Fay

Allen Tate Realty

Roby Brady

Kelly Vanleeuwen Massage and Yoga

Hanover Mortgage

Zeke Godfrey

Oly Customs

Dave Schlarb

Bike Street USA

Cherrydale Family Chiropractic

Jeremy Wilson

Pachyderm Sports Gear

Chris Cain


John Knapp

West End Dance Company

Anna Stankiewicz


Mike Austin

First Team Sports

WOD #1

Team Sled Push

2 Athletes perform the Sled Push

Other athletes can perform Burpees or rest

1 Burpee = 1 ft added to total distance pushed

WOD #2

Team 10k Row

Each team will have 4 Rowers set to 2500m.  

All rowers have to be zeroed out.

Must switch every 250m.

WOD #3

Team “CINDY”


5 Pull Ups

10 Push Ups

15 Air Squats

Each team member completes as many rounds as possible and FULL rounds will be tallied.

WOD #4

30k G2OH

Each team will have 4 bars


WOD #5

“KAREN” Relay

5 Burpees

Up & Over 20′ Box

5 Abmat Sit Ups

Up & Over 24′ Box


Up & Over 30′ Box

10 Wall Balls

*Chug a beer and have that count as your turn