Monday, July 28, 2014

Fitness Performance
A. A.
3 RFT of: 3 RFT of:
200/400/200 400m Run
15 KBS 35/24 21 KBS 53/35
8 Pull Ups or Ring Rows 12 Pull Ups
*15 Min Cap *15 Min Cap
B. B.
Back Squat Back Squat
5 x 7, across 5 x 7, across
Extra Work:
5 RFT of:
12 Bench Press Bodyweight/70% Bodyweight
10 Strict Pull Ups


Give maximal effort for today’s WOD; “Helen.” Keep your intensity high and make sure you are going full ROM on every rep. If you do not have anything left in the tank make up your squats on Tuesday or Wednesday.



The Firebreather Challenge is coming back for the Month of August!

Firebreather STARTS this Monday. It will run from July 28-Aug 23. 

If you can breathe fire, you will receive a new exclusive Firebreather Tshirt and a $25 credit to your account to be used towards any items in the fridge or pro shop only. 


1. Attend at least 5 scheduled classes per week for 4 weeks at Swamp Rabbit CrossFit(July 28-Aug 23).

2. You cannot attend more than 3 consecutive classes Monday- Sunday. Week starts fresh on monday. example-Working out M-TH with no rest is not allowed and will disqualify you. 

3. You cannot participate in multiple classes per day. Specialty classes do not count. 

Can you stand the heat? We will be celebrating the Firebreather Challenge and each other with an Adult only Pool Party on Aug 23!!! Stay tuned for more details.