Wednesday, July 30, 2014

 Our buddy, Matt, had his 1 year SRCF Anniversary a couple of months ago. Read about his experience in the last year. 

Athlete Spotlight

Matt White

mattwhite (2)

One year into Crossfit after a decade of being out of shape:

        1st month – Pain, nothing but pain.  People who have been participating in Crossfit for a while (including myself at this point) cannot possibly relate to the soreness of someone starting off who has not been working out for the past decade.  My wife (Liz) and I vowed to only complain about our soreness to each other because no one else wanted to hear about it.

       2nd month – I no longer had to google all of the acronyms for the workouts

        3rd month – Results.  Results came very fast for me because I was so out of shape to start.  I had lost about 10 pounds by the end of summer, my pants were loose, I was starting to fit into medium shirts again (the large / medium shirt conundrum for a “skinny fat guy” is a nightmare).

        5th month – I had my annual physical – weight was down 10 pounds and my cholesterol was less than 50% of was it was the year before, got props from the doc.

        9th month – Crossfit games – Very happy I did not shy away from signing up (thanks Jake).  I was forced to learn how to kip for the first time (also got my first callous rip) and I had been using 75lbs for thrusters for all of the WODs leading up to The Games.  Then I showed up for work out 14.5 and the 84 thrusters @ 95lbs… Not to mention the burpees…  A life changing experience for me.

         10th month – went to the Doctor with a stomach virus, during the routine checkup he asked me if I had been working out and then said my resting heart rate was about the pace of a dead person (a compliment)

       11th month – Able to do most workouts with Rx weights, still a few movements that need improvement

         12th month – Murph – I could not do one proper push-up when I started, on Memorial Day I completed the full Murph with all 200 push-ups (maybe not all perfect form)

A list of small changes in the past year:

I no longer need naps – I used to nap all the time, now the thought doesn’t cross my mind

 I am an unquestioned medium shirt size; I had to donate all of my old shirts

People I haven’t seen in a while always ask if I have been working out

My laundry is now 80% workout clothes and 20% everything else

I went snowmobiling with some friends out west this winter, I was the only one who could “deadlift” a snowmobile and manually turn it around on the trail

Although we don’t always specifically train for distance running, I can sign up for a 5k anytime and have no trouble finishing.  I just completed one over Memorial Day weekend with my best time 27:45.

Paleo challenge has curved my snacking at work (nuts only) as well as dinner every night (mostly meats and veggies)

I sleep better – I can get less sleep than before and still feel better the next day

Last but not least – I rarely get hangovers anymore, and if I do, I just go to the gym and then I’m fine

I think I’m an example of a person who at one point in their life, fitness was a huge deal and then things got out of control.  My career had me on the road 100% of the time and I was to the point of what I thought was no return.  I was so out of shape that I thought getting back in shape would be too painful.  I kept trying to run to lose weight, but because I weighed so much, my knees were always in pain.  My knees don’t hurt anymore; you could say that I only deal with “good” pain now.  I see no end in sight to my or Liz’s Crossfit careers and thank you to the coaches and staff for constantly supporting us and our goals!


Fitness Performance
A. A.
Power Clean Power Clean
12 Min to a Heavy Single 12 Min to a Heavy Single
B. B.
E2MOM x 7 E2MOM x 7
3 Power Cleans @ 70% of A 5 Power Cleans @70% of A
:30 of DU’s 30 DU’s
5 Strict Pull Ups 7 Strict C2B Pull Ups
Extra Work:  
A.EMOM x 10  
    2 Strict Press  
B. 3-4 Rounds NOT for time  
15-20 Close Grip Bench Press  
15-20 Banded Triceps Push Downs  
15-20 DB Reverse Flyes