Thursday, August 7, 2014

FIREBREATHER and Member Pool Party Aug 23 from 1-4 at the Timmons’ House. Directions will be at the front desk the week of the event. We’ll keep you posted on food arrangements. Plan to join us for a fun afternoon. This months party is adults only. 

Register for Saturday’s 10 am Running workshop in mindbody! This class will be 60 minutes.  Get in some great drill as Stephen breaks down form. 

Stephen will also be leading a 2 and 4 mile run(ALL LEVELS/ALL PACES!) at noon on Saturday. Join him for a mapped course to get a baseline time. Bring a watch if you have one!


Fitness & Performance


EMOM x 10

Strict Press x 3



10 Burpees

25 DU’s or 25 LBH


Registration Open for CrossFit Team Series

The CrossFit Team Series is less than a month away!

Workouts for the Team Series will be released on August 28, September 18 and October 9. After each release, teams will have four days to complete the workouts and submit their scores. Each team will be made up of two men and two women who complete the workouts together. 

Unlike in the Open, teammates will not do the workouts individually and then combine their scores afterwards. Instead, when the clock starts, each of the four teammates will be required to perform their portion of the work alongside the others. 

The four-person format will be a first for CrossFit competitions. The 2010 Tahoe Throwdown pitted two teams of 10 athletes against each other over three days. The CrossFit UFC Throwdown featured all-star pairs competing in just a single day. Currently the Affiliate Cup and the last two CrossFit Invitationals have been contested by teams of six. In the four-person format there’s nowhere to hide. 

The 2014 Team Series will also feature a scaled division, another first. The Scaled Division is ideal for athletes competing for the first time, or for any regular crew that wants to see where they stack up. Teams can wait until the release of the first set of workouts on August 28 decide which division they want to compete in. 

By lifting almost all restrictions, the Team Series allows for the creation of dream teams. Finally, the hypotheticals fans talk about online will be tested in reality. We will get to see whether a dream team of the top individuals really can beat four seasoned team competitors. What would happen if a team with the fittest man or fittest woman on Earth faced off against the Affiliate Cup champs? Find out this fall. 

Unlike the CrossFit Invitational and Tahoe Throwdown, which were invitation only events, the Team Series is open to all comers. Any teams who compete in the Prescribed Division are eligible for a share of the $150,000 prize purse. 

At the end of the series, the teams will be ranked across all three competitions. The top 10 teams in the Prescribed Division will take home prize money. First place will earn $30,000, second $25,000 and third $20,000. The prize money will be offered down to 10th place, who will win $7,000.

Registration costs $100 for all divisions. Sponsored teams will pay an additional $400, and will be automatically entered into the Prescribed Division. 

To begin, choose one teammate who will register the entire team. This team manager will go to, sign in using her CrossFit ID and pay the registration fee. After the team manager has established the team, she will be prompted to send email invitations to the three other teammates.

The four teammates will complete the team’s registration by responding to the email invites.

Learn more by reading the Team Series Rulebook.