Tuesday, August 19, 2014


#TBT Requests!  Mike’s old cowboy pic was a big hit on Saturday. We are requesting more! If you have an old pic of any kind…a silly pic, a before CrossFit pic, crazy haircuts, etc  email it to [email protected]. Go digging in your mom’s basement this week and send us something good!

Fitness Performance
A. A.
Strict Press Strict Press
10 Min to a Heavy Triple,FTG 10 Min to a Heavy Triple, FTG
B. B.
For Time: For Time:
400m Run 800m Run
15 Unbroken Strict Presses 21 Unbroken Strict Presses
600m Run 800m Run
12 Unbroken Strict Presses 18 Unbroken Strict Presses
400m Run 800m Run
9 Unbroken Strict Presses 15 Unbroken Strict Presses
*150m Run  Penalty any time *200m Run penalty must be completed
  Strict press is broken   any time the strict press is broken


**Use 70-75% of A for B, but no greater than 115/75

Congrats to Mary Stone for finishing 1st place in the Novice division in the Greenville Triathlon. She also got het 1st strict pull up the day before. Way to go, Mary!

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