Thursday, July 17, 2014


Technical Failure by Bryan Miller of CrossFit Invictus San Diego

Technical Failure
Written by Bryan Miller

We have all seen someone successfully snatch a weight that they probably shouldn’t have attempted, based on the technical proficiency of their previous lift. Even if the lift sets a PR/PB, is a technically poor lift really a success? Often during training or coaching I see something called a technical failure.

“technical failure” is a repetition that deviates from ideal form.

It is my belief that during training you should not continue to lift once you have reached technical failure. Technical failure is a good indication that your form isn’t mature enough to maintain proper positioning during a maximum load lift or that you simply aren’t strong enough.

To solve technical execution faults, the load must decrease to allow the athlete to focus on setting good movement patterns. If these poor movement patterns are repeated over and over, then the athlete will never progress to their full potential. Technical failure applies to all movements but especially the more technical movements such as weightlifting or any higher-level gymnastics. Slow down your movements, videotape yourself and get some coaching.

Moral of the Story: Just because you made your last lift, doesn’t give you green light to put more weight on the bar.

Fitness & Performace


21 -15-9

KBS 70/53



5 x 200m Sprint

*Rest is walk back  to start line

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