Tuesday, January 20, 2015


3 rounds for time of:

20 toes-to-bar

15 clean & jerks 95/65


3 x ME wall ball sets, rest 1:00 between sets


It’s  that time of year again! CrossFit Games  Open time!!!

The Open workouts will be posted on Thursday evening at 8pm starting February 26th. There will be a new workout every week for 5 weeks. We  will be hosting the Open WOD on Friday as the daily workout. If you are registered for the Open, then that will be your opportunity to complete the workout. If you are not registered for the Open, then that will be your time to do a workout. The Games will be introducing a new scaled division for the Open competition. This division will have lighter weights and less technical movements. Depending on which division you sign up for will depend on how you perform the workout. Again, if you are not registered for the Open, you will do the workout in a manner that best suits your needs, just like any other day.

If you sign up for the Open, this tells us that at some point in time you will need someone to judge your workout. Well then you should be prepared to return the favor. We ask that if you sign up for the Open you also sign up to take the online judge’s course. Yes, it can take a bit of time, however the cost is only $10, and it gives you the best understanding of how you will be judged during the Open and how to judge others. The judging process is a crucial part of the Open. You have from now until February 26th to complete it, that’s a lot of time to take a test.

If you can’t make it to a class on Friday or want to repeat the workout we will have time slots available on Saturday and Monday.It will be up to the athlete to ensure they have a certified judge to score the workout on Saturday and Monday.  It it up to the athletes and judges to to make sure we uphold the ideals, the standards, and the spirit of the CrossFit Games. But also remember that part of the spirit of the Games is simply pushing ourselves as hard as we can and cheering each other on in the process.


Head over to games.crossfit.com to get signed up for the open, registered for the judge’s course and read this great article   …and fitness for all.