Friday, January 30, 2015

Join us Saturday at 9 am for a 7 miler, which will be a route run through the park. We will have printed route directions so no one gets lost. Meet at the red mat. Don’t forget some fuel and dress in layers. 

Excuse the mess! Very soon, wall ball lines will be painted and our wall rig will be attached to the new wall. For now, use the front space as needed for open gym. If there is anything you need that can’t be carried into the front room(extra squat racks, etc) feel free to use the main classroom while class is going on. Just talk to the coach to let him or her know that you’ll be working in a section of the room. There’s plenty of space for all of us to work towards our goals, just be mindful of the class that is in session.



Bear Complex
15 minutes to a heavy triple

3 rounds for time of:
10 Bear Complex 95/65
400m run