Thursday, February 26, 2015

Tune in tonight to and watch Matt Fraser and Rich Froning throw down in the Open Workout 15.1 at 8PM. We will be doing all the Open Workouts during Friday classes. This Saturday 2/28/15 we will aslo be runninig Open WOD 15.1 from 12:00-1:00. Come in and give it a go or come in and cheer people on.

In class we will pair up and judge each other. If you plan on doing the an Open WOD during open gym hours you will need a certified judge to count reps and the workout will need to be filmed and submitted to [email protected] once you’ve entered your score. Once the film is viewed we will validate the score that you have submitted to the Games site if no discrepancies are found.

*If you have completed the online Judge’s course please write your name down on the whiteboard.

Open Gym at 1000, regular schedule beginning at 1200



At home WOD:

6 rounds of:

25 walking lunges (l&r=1)

20 tuck jumps

:45 plank hold


EMOM x 24

:40 on, :20 off

Minute 1- calorie row

Minute 2- abmat sit-ups

Minute 3- double-unders