Tuesday, March 3, 2015


scott 2


10 rounds of:

Pull a sub-1:25/500m pace for as long as possible

Rest 3 minutes

Scale pace as needed so that first interval can be maintained for approximately 1 minute

 AWESOME JOB to everyone participating in the Open!!! Lots of PRs in week 1! 

We want to remind you that as a convenience to our members, we are here all day M-F and we have open gym hours on the weekends too! We do not close between classes. While we hope that you can always make it to class for coaching, we know that sometimes life gets in the way and your schedule might not line up with our class schedule from time to time. The equipment is yours to use if you want to stop in during a non class time to make up a workout, get some mobility work in or spend some time practicing a skill like double unders. Here are a few open gym reminders now that everything is back in place….

1. All space is available for open gym when there is not a class in session. When the big room is in use, we ask that you use the front space. No open gym on Wednesdays 5:30-7:00 while both spaces are in use. Join us for class during that time!

2.We are happy to share the front space for open gym during our Boot Camp and Fundamentals classes as these classes are with a small group. We also, really appreciate when you go out of your way to introduce yourself to our Fundamentals classes. You were in their spot once upon a time. It can be a little intimidating at first so say hello to new faces!

3. Always feel free to pull anything needed from the big room to use for Open Gym as long as the class in session is not using it.

4. While you might not have a coach leading you during Open Gym, there’s almost always a coach in the building. Always find a coach if you have a quick question about the workout, playing music, mobility or anything else you might need. We’re here for you!