Thursday, March 12, 2015

“My 15.2 score was 8 reps less than last year’s score in 14.2. Does this mean I’m not fitter than I was last year? Absolutely not. 15.2 is one workout of many and overall my metrics tell me I’m the fittest I’ve ever been. I approached 15.2 ready to break a score of 400 and my hands tore much earlier in the workout than last year. Even though my score was lower, a “mental win” came from the way I approached the workout and pushed through adversity. Your score on one single workout doesn’t define your overall fitness, and you grow in some way from every workout regardless of the score.”

—Julie Foucher, CF Games Athlete

Tune in to tonight and watch Julie Foucher take on Lauren Brooks in 15.3!



Clean & Jerk

12 minutes to a heavy triple


EMOM x 18

Minute 1- 5 pc&j @ 70% of 1 (tng)

Minute 2- 10 bar facing burpees

Minute 3- :40 plank hold or :20 L-Sit



Join Dr.Seth for the next session in our Movement & Performance Series! This Saturday at 12:15 it’s all about shoulders!Sign up in Wodify! If you are using the app, choose “all programs” or  “mobility” in the schedule to see the class. 

The Run group is back at it! Meet Parks at the Red Mat Sunday at 2:00 for 5 miles through the park and back. 

15.4 Field Trip Support the Blitz Belt Team! Travel just a mile up the road to the new CF Reaction where the 15.4 Blitz Bash will be hosted on Sat March 21, 4-6 PM. You can complete 15.4 at this event. They will be running heats. This is also your chance to try on a Blitz Belt! They are taking pre orders now! Don’t worry if you can’t make it! Blitz Belts will be at our 15.5 event on March 28 too! 

We are hosting the CF Open Finale! Join us for 15.5 on Saturday night, March 28. We will be running heats and athletes from all local affiliates are invited to participate. We’ll have food and drinks and some exciting match ups! Mark your calendar for an entertaining evening!