Friday, July 10, 2015


  THE AM/PM THROWDOWN IS TOMORROW!! Plan to stick around until about 11:30. We Can’t wait!! 

We have many athletes preparing to run the Spinx Half Marathon/Full Marathon  AND/OR the Savannah Rock & Roll  Half Marathon/Full Marathon. If you have plans for one of these races or are considering registering we encourage you to begin your training. We will have a group run heading out this Sunday at 6 am for your choice of a 5 or 10 mile route preparing for the Savannah Half and Full. We will have routes mapped out and printed for you to take. If you are prepping for the Spinx which is 1 week before Savannah, you should add an extra mile to the route, 6 and 12 miles. Please let us know if you have any questions. Email [email protected]

For Time:
1,600-meter run
Rest 3 minutes
800-meter run
Rest 2 minutes
400-meter run
Rest 1 minute
200-meter run
*Score = total time

Post WOD:
Accumulate 3-5 minutes in a plank