Monday 9/14/15 – 9/20/15

SRCF IS TURNING 3!!! Join in on the celebration of our 3rd Anniversary on Saturday, October, 17 at 7 pm at Swamp Rabbit CrossFit.



  1. Attend at least 5 scheduled classes per week for 4 consecutive weeks at Swamp Rabbit CrossFit. Sept 14- Oct 11.
  2. You cannot attend more than 3 consecutive classes Monday- Sunday. Week starts fresh on Monday. Example-Working out M-TH with no rest is not allowed and will disqualify you
  3. You cannot participate in multiple CrossFit classes per day. Specialty classes do not count for or against you.
  4. Accumulate a 2,500 Meter Row each week. Split work as needed. (Any rowing done in class does not count towards the 2,500M)
  5. You have 1 and only 1 opportunity to make up a missed class the entire 4 weeks. Rowing an additional 10K will make up for that class.
  6. Sign in with class time each day on the sheet at the front desk.

WIN the famous, coveted Firebreather T-shirt and $25 account credit towards merchandise!


Monday 9/14/15

For time: 100 wall-ball shots, 30/20-lb. ball



Tuesday 9/15/15

EMOM x 12


3-5 handstand push-ups


30 double-unders


Wednesday 9/16/15

EMOM x 16

:40 on, :20rest

Minute 1- ghd sit-ups

Minute 2- hip extensions

Minute 3- L-sit hold

Minute 4- plank hold


Thursday 9/17/15

21-15-9 reps for time of:

Body-weight bench presses

Bar muscle-ups


Friday 9/18/15

Run as many laps as possible in 30 minutes

*rest :30 to :60 between laps



Saturday 9/19/15


Clean and jerk 15-12-9 reps

Touch and go at floor only. Even a re-grip off the floor is a foul.

No dumping. Use same load for each set. Rest as needed between sets.


Sunday 9/20/15

As many rounds & reps as possible in 20 minutes of:

100-ft walking lunges

1 min overhead barbell hold 95/65

50 lateral bar hops