4/18/16 – 4/24/16

RockTape Doc

Come join Mike the “Rock Tape Doc” Labrador this Saturday ¬†Apr. 23rd from 8am – 12pm, and learn the benefits of K-Tape. CLICK HERE to confirm!


Coach Stephen Pelcher will be conducting a “Foundations of Running” Clinic this Saturday April 23rd at 9am. Attend so that you can make sure you’re ready to hit the trail with good running mechanics as warmer weather approaches.


Monday 4/18/16

On a 10 minute clock:

30 clean & jerks 135/95

Max calories in remaining time


Tuesday 4/19/16

For time:

10 Wall Walks

20 TTBs

30 Front Rack walking lunges

400m Run

50 Dead Lifts

400m Run

30 Front Rack box step ups

20 TTBs

10 Wall Walks

Rx = 95/65-lbs

Wednesday 4/20/16


30 sec Ring Support Hold (top)

50′ Waiter’s Walk – Left Hand 53/35lb KB or DB

30 sec Ring Support Hold (bottom)

50′ Waiter’s Walk – Right Hand 53/35lb KB or DB

Ring Support Hold


For Time:

50 wall ball shots 20/14

Waiter’s Walk


Thursday 4/21/15

Teams of 2 – Tag Team


200m Run

25′ HS Walk (or 20 Shoulder Taps)

15 Russian KBS 70/53lbs

*When Partner 1 gets done with each movement, they “tag” Partner 2, and they go back and forth taking turns doing each movement for the entire 20 minutes.


Friday 4/22/15

Hang Power Snatch



For Time:

15 hang power snatches 75/55

400 meter run

15 hang power snatches


Saturday 4/23/16

“Archie” Honeycutt

Amrap 30min

Archie came into the world on September 30, 2015 and labor was 13 hours.

Thus, we honor him in the following rep scheme:


9 Clean and Jerks 95lbs/65lbs

30 Sit Ups

15 Box Jumps 24in/20in

13 Pull Ups

Sunday 4/24/16

For time:



Push Press 115/80lbs

Calories on Rower