Welcome to the CrossFit Coach Blog!

CrossFit Coach Blog

Welcome to the Swamp Rabbit CrossFit coach blog! Do you remember the speech Jake gave in class that sent chills up your spine and inspired you to smash a PR at 5:30 in the morning? Did Ben give you a little technical cue that made all the difference in one of your CrossFit skills? Don’t you wish you could remember all of that stuff? Well, now you can find it all here!

We’re going to be compiling a collection of stories about the ups and downs of training, including interviews with your favorite CrossFitters… our members! You’ll be able to find out tips for healthy eating to build lean muscle and remove unwanted body fat. There will be posts to inspire you to train, to help you train more effectively, and to recover from your training. This will be an awesome pool of knowledge coming directly from the people you trust with your daily training, the coaches and athletes at Swamp Rabbit CrossFit!

If you have particular questions you’d like to see addressed, please let us know by posting about them on the Swamp Rabbit CrossFit Facebook page. (If you haven’t already liked Swamp Rabbit CrossFit on Facebook, do it now!)

We’ll let you know when new posts are added to the blog through Facebook, Instagram, and the website! The initial goal is to have new content out to you every Friday!