How CrossFit found me – Coach Megan

The calm in the competitive storm.
The calm in the competitive storm.

My journey to CrossFit started in August of 2013. My boss forced me, yes, forced me, to take a week off from work. I managed an organic farm and by the time August rolled in I was not a pleasure to be around. I was stressed, exhausted and bitter. He suggested that I find something, something besides my job, a hobby, or a gym membership. I needed a place to exist besides my work and my house, a “third space”. Third spaces are essential, they are social environments that exist outside of our offices or living rooms. I searched online for fitness trends and saw pictures of CrossFit ladies with toned arms. I wanted arms like that! A quick Google search revealed that there was a CrossFit box in a neighboring town so I took a leap and emailed the coach.

I showed up for a free trial class and was scaled back to air squats while I watched other athletes front squat hundreds of pounds. Afterwards, I limped around the rest of my vacation, shocked by how much my legs ached. I thought, this really works! By January I was going to class five days a week. I lost ten pounds and dropped 4 pants sizes and I had fun, everyday, even if I lay dazed on the floor or crumpled over a wooden box I was smiling. I drove through blizzards and black ice to see my friends at the end of the day. That community was made up, like most Crossfit communities I’ve visited, of an amazing mixture of people: doctors, farmers, lawyers, police officers, nurses, loggers and grandmothers.

In May of 2015 the box I joined went out of business. I was in a time of transition myself, having finalized a divorce a few months ago and moved back into my parent’s house. After all that change, all for the better I might add, the thing that hit hardest was the loss of my third space, my CrossFit community. I joined another box for the summer before moving down to Greenville but I will always miss the people who watched me do a real push up for the first time, who raced me on my runs and liked all my PRs (personal records) on wodify. I’ve been at Swamp Rabbit for 8 months now and it has become my third space in my new home. I look forward to checking in with people, to bumping into them on the trail, to peaking inside that big red door and watching clients who I coached through Fundamentals break through some skill, or ring the PR bell triumphantly. I got into to CrossFit to have nice arms and I stayed because I loved the community, whether it’s in Greenville or New Hampshire. We all need a third space, whether it’s a book group, a yoga studio or a CrossFit box. It gives us the place to play, compete and grow.  It makes us better people.

Megan BioWhen Megan isn’t at the gym she deep in a book for her Masters in Creative Writing. Most of her afternoons at Swamp Rabbit CrossFit are filled with Fundamentals sessions, coaching classes and training for the unknowable. She has a CrossFit Level 1 Certificate and loves supporting, cheering on and helping people achieve their wellness goals. She is available for personal training and describes her coaching style as making CrossFit fun and accessible to everyone.