Monday 8/15/16 – Sunday 8/21/16

Monday 8/15/16

For Time:

100 double-unders


5 rounds of:

2 rope climbs

8 sumo deadlift high pulls


100 double-unders

*Post WOD Comp Work*

5 Russian KBS 70/53lbs

100m Sprint rest walk back x 6

rest 5 min

20sec Push press amrap 115/80lbs rest walk 2min x 4

Purpose: Digging deep post heavy Russian KBS adds an element of work to the 10sec sprint which is meant to deplete ATP reserves, and push the athletes redline increasing their tolerance for high intensity intervals in the process.
Tuesday 8/16/16

4 rounds for weight of:

2 hang power clean, rest 1 min

4 jerks, rest 1 min

6 back squat, rest 2 min

Post WOD Comp Work

4k Row at Z1/Z2 pace

*stopping every 800m to perform 10 burpees

Purpose: Z1/Z2 pace is a conversational in which athletes should never be out of breath or have to stop at all. Working in this heart rate zone increases oxidative work capacity, aids recovery, and increases the body’s abilty to effeciently absorb and utilize oxygen.


Wednesday 8/17/16

Amrap 25 of:

400 meter run

4 rounds of Cindy

400 meter run

2 rounds of Mary

Pre WOD Comp Work

3 super sets

A1. 20 alt BB Box step ups 115/80lbs

(add weight each set if 115lbs and 80lbs are too light)

A2. Accumulate 45 sec in the hollow body

rest 1 min

Purpose: The barbell is to rest on the back just like in a back squat. Heavy single leg, and static ab work will ensure that our athletes are ready to squat.


Thursday 8/18/16

Amrap 8 of:

15 deadlifts 185/135

15 box jumps 24/20

*Click Here* to view the Kang Squat!

Post WOD Com Work

15 – 20 min Flow Session

200m jog

10 Burpees

20 – 30 DU (50 singles)

10 TTB

Purpose: Flow Session = Z1 pace; This time we approach Z1 work as classic circuit training where the athlete is responsible for going from one movement to the next at their leisure. This is meant to keep them engaged and moving as opposed to making them sit on a rower or a bike for 20 min straight (which we will also do in the future.)


Friday 8/19/16

Amrap 6 of:

10 power snatch 95/65

10 db front squats 50/35

Pre WOD Comp Work

OH Squat @ 2:1 tempo (2 sec down, 1 sec up)

5 x 60%

5 x 65%

3 x 70%

3 x 75%

1 x 80%

1 x 85%

Purpose: This isn’t meant to tax the CNS too severely, but as a competitor, performing Crossfit wods under fatigue (quickly) is important. This OHS should be just enough to give the athletes some pause and get them to really FOCUS on maintaining good form during the wod.


Saturday 8/20/16

For Time:

15 Power Cleans 155/105

30 toes-to-bar

30 box jumps 24/20

15/10 muscle-ups (rings)

30 s2oh 95/65

30 double-unders

15 thrusters 135/95

30 pull-ups

30 burpees

300 ft oh walking lunges 45/25 lb plate


Sunday 8/21/16

Amrap 15

Teams of 2

Partner A: 200m Run

Partner B: 20 Mtn Climbers then Tall Plank until your partner returns