Monday 8/22/16 – Sunday 8/28/16

Monday 8/22/16

Squat Snatch



For Time:

40 box jump overs 24/20

20 Power Cleans 135/95

Post WOD Comp Work

10sec Bike Sprint

rest walk 2min x 6

rest 5min

20sec Hang Power Clean 95/65

rest walk 2min x 5

Purpose: We’ve increased our sets by 1 this week, and we’re striving for a 10 on our RPE (rate of perceived exertion) scale. Speed endurance is the aim today. We’re recruiting fast twitch muscle fibers, and training them to be more enduring so take the full rest and go hard each time.


Tuesday 8/23/16

As far as possible in 30 minutes:

100 meter run

5 sit-ups

5 plate lunges 45/25

*add 100 meters & 3 reps each round

Pre WOD Comp Work


Back Squat @ 31X1

5 x 70%

4 x 75%

3 x 80%

2 x 85%

1 x 90%

Purpose: Performing lunges after squatting is excellent auxiliary work so be certain to stick to the tempo for the squats exactly as it’s written.


Wednesday 8/24/16

For Time:

30 burpee knee-to-elbows

22 clusters 155/105

26 burpee knee-to-elbows

12 clusters 155/105

Post WOD Comp Work

21min Z1 Circuit Training


Abmat sit ups

Row *

spend 1 minute on each movement

Purpose: Circuit training is a time tested method for exposing you to several different movements within one session. Take the time to work on your double under and rowing form. Breathe thru the nose the entire time while working at a conversational pace. You should feel as if you are able to maintain the pace well after the 21 min is up.


Thursday 8/25/16

EMOM x 16

Min 1- Russian kbs

Min 2- overhead kb hold, L

Min 3- alt kb snatch

Min 4- overhead kb hold, R

Post WOD Comp Work

8 x 250m Row Intervals +/- 3sec

Guys: 1:55 Girls: 2:05

(resting 1min between ea set)

Purpse: If these feel easy, enjoy it. We’ll continue to perform intervals each week, and they will get tougher. This is your introduction to targeted VO2 max work, and improving your VO2 max will allow you more access to your body’s oxygen supply.


Friday 8/26/16

For Time:

100-75-50-25 Double-unders

25-50-75-100 ft Handstand Walk

Pre WOD Comp Work

3 Supersets

A1. 8 x Pendlay row @ 30X1 tempo

A2. 16 Russian twists w/medball 30/20lbs rest 1min

Purpose: Be sure to engage the abs and hamstrings when performing the bent over rows. Doing the russian twists as midline work prior to the handstand in the wod will serve to tighten you up. Go as heavy as you can while maintaining the tempo with good form.


Saturday 8/27/16

Teams of 2

2 rounds

Amrap 5 of:

squat cleans 155/115

Amrap 5 of:


Rest 2 min between rounds


Sunday 8/28/16

4 rounds for time of:

30s Side Plank – L

20 Alt jumping lunges (front foot on a plate)

30s Side Plank – R

200m Run