8/29/2016 – 9/4/2016

Monday 8/29/2016

Crossfit Total


Back Squat

Strict Press

Dead Lift

Post WOD Comp Work

Z1 Work

10min Jog


10min Row

Purpose: You should be able to breathe thru your nose the entire 20 min. After the max effort day today, you need to do everything in your power to get ready for tomorrow. Z1 work aids recovery along with good clean post wod food and a good night’s rest.


Tuesday 8/30/2016

2k Row Time trial


BB complex while you wait on the rower or after you get done with you 2k row as prep for friday

SRCF Barbell 1: DL + HPC + Fr Sq + Jerk


SRCF Barbell 2: DL + HPS + OHS + Snatch

Post WOD Comp Work

9 x 200m Runs

Purpose: We’re going for 7 – 8 out of 10 regarding RPE, and keep your intervals within 5sec of your first time.  Weekly intervals are here to broaden your capacity. Stay steady here as this may be a challenge after performing the 2k row for time, but you can do it.


Wednesday 8/31/2016



400m Run

21 KBS Green/Yellow

12 Pull ups

Post WOD Comp Work

Accumulate 3 – 4 min in each position:

Ring Support Hold (top of a ring dip)

Bottom of Goblet squat w/KB 53/36lbs

L-sit on the parallettes (scale to boxes)

HS Hold

Purpose: Gymnastics “hardening” aka midline work will translate directly into gains in every lift due to your increased stability. This “WOD” is not for time, but may take a while (20min+) because as time goes on you’ll only be able to hold each position for a few seconds. Be patient and finish!


Thursday 9/1/2016

24min EMOM

min1: 30s Burpees

min2: 30s WBs

min3: 30s GHD sit ups

min4: 30s DUs

Pre WOD Comp Work

Front Squat @ 31X1

6 x 60%

6 x 65%

4 x 70%

4 x 75%

2 x 80%

2 x 85%

Purpose: Use 85% of the 1RM Back Sq you performed on Monday as your 1RM Front squat number. Tempo is the key here. 3s down, 1s pause in the bottom, eXplode up, and a 1s pause in the top. Yesterday’s midline work should assist you in staying tight.


Friday 9/2/2016



Clean & Jerk

Post WOD Comp Work  


Renegade Rows (per hand)

Alternating Pistols (5 per leg, 4 per leg…)

Wall Walks

Purpose: This is to be performed as aerobic capacity work so please do not charge hard out of the gate. Pick DBs that you can keep moving with and keep your rest to a minimum on the wall walks (they are going to get tough.) GRIND!


Saturday 9/3/2016


20min of WORK

0:00 – 5:00

400m Run then, AMRAP Snatch 185/130lbs

5:00 – 10:00

400m Run then, Row for Max Calories

10:00 – 15:00

400m Run then, AMRAP CTB Pull ups

15:00 – 20:00

400m Run then, AMRAP Front Squat 185/130


Sunday 9/4/2016

10min AMRAP



9 Box jumps

15 DUs

rest 5min

*Repeat with the intent of getting more reps the 2nd time thru