Mon 9/26 – Sun 10/2/2016

Monday 9/26

Front Squat
Start 1st set with roughly 70-80% of 1RM. Increase weight each set if possible, and if you don’t know your 1RM front squat, use 85% of your 1RM back squat.


ROMWOD (or coach lead mobility)


Tuesday 9/27

7min AMRAP
5 DL 165/115lbs
10 Burpee (not over bar)
200m Run
rest 3min
Repeat and get more reps
*Let’s think about RPE, and how to accomplish more rounds and reps the second time through.


Wednesday 9/28

For time:
Rope Climbs
Squat Snatch 135/95lbs

rest 1 min after final snatch and complete:

50 wall ball shots in as few sets as possible, 3 sets max
Accumulate 90 sec in Hollow body hold


Thursday 9/29

Teams of 2

4 Rounds for max meters

Partner 1: 2min Row for max meters

Partner 2: 2min Box push for max meters 150/100lbs

*Pole to far pole = 15m

Rest 2min

*For round 2 partners switch movements. Each partner should perform the row and the box push twice.


Friday 9/30

For time:
30 Alt KB Snatches 70/53lbs
40 DUs
20 Alt KB Snatches 70/53lbs
50 DUs
10 Alt KB Snatches 70/53lbs
60 DUs


Saturday 10/1

Partner WOD
400m Run together
30 Power Clean 165/115lbs
40 Ring Push ups
400m Run together
50 CTBs
60 Push Press 95/65lbs
400m Run together
*Break up reps however you like, but you must run together.


Sunday 10/2

15min AMRAP
5 Russian KBS 53/36lbs
5 Box Step ups
5 Cal Row
10 R. KBS
10 Box Step ups
10 Cal Row
*go as far as you can in 15min