Thursday, November 1, 2012

MOD (Movement of the day)

Push Jerk/Split Jerk Intro

Then 5-5-5 from the rack

WOD (Workout of the day)

Tabata This:

Double Unders

Hand Release Push Ups

Air Squats

Sit ups

“Even if your workdays consist of alternating between hunkering down over the laptop in a full Grok squat with perfectly neutral lumbar spine and standing up at a standing workstation for the entire work day you’re likely still engaging in some anatomically novel and potentially problematic habits. The bulk of you folks might get away with wearing minimalist shoes to work or maybe padding around the office in socks, but I imagine most people are sitting down, staring at a screen, and making strange tapping motions with their fingers splayed out in front of them for seven to eight hours a day. If this sounds a little too familiar you could probably use some help. I know I could.”
16 Tips for Desk Jockey’s: What to do about sitting all day via Mark’s Daily AppleRead more:

This is a long post, but well worth it! If you don’t have the time to get through it, bookmark it and read it in sections each day. There are a lot of great mobility exercises that can be performed right at your desk!