July 16 – 22, 2018 Bring a Friend Week

This week is BRING A FRIEND with the following rules:
Anyone can come with a member. If they came to the last B.A.F. week, they can still come to this one with a member. Once they’ve come to any class with a member, they can come to any class on their own for the rest of the week.
Starting July 29th!
Each hour-long class will include discussion, training, new movement introduction, and a WOD! Topics include stability, integrity, strength, and mobility. We’ll not only work on strengthening and toning the core, we’ll fix position and posture issues that might be holding you back in your movements! Using the day’s lesson we’ll revisit common CrossFit movements and introduce you to some core exercises that you’ve never tried before! This class is for anyone who wants to correct their core alignment, tone up and learn new movements to work those abs!  Personalized weekly programming available as well to help you meet your core goals faster.
Cost: $49 for members and non-members (bring a friend!)
*Min. 10 people. Max 30. All levels and core issues welcome! In the event of a scheduling conflict, makeup classes can be scheduled one-on-one for an additional fee.
Starting July 29th
4 weeks of personalized core work written to address your goals and concerns. Each week will consist of 3 work-outs using movements and techniques learned in the CrossFit Core class and catered to your schedule and availability and access to equipment. A great way to reach your core strength goals quickly on an individual level. Work-outs will be sent out weekly via email.
Cost: $29 for members and non-member

Monday July 16, 2018

Dead lift

5 x 3


Partner WOD


10 Partner Dead lifts 315/225lbs

10 Synchronized HR Push ups

400m Run together


2ct Pause Back Squat superset w/Band kneels 10/side

5 @ 9 RPE (rate of perceived exertion)

5 @ 9 (load drop)

5 @ 9 (load drop)


For time:

50 DUs

30 TTB

100 DUs

30 Ab mat sit ups

50 DUs


10min of  mobility post workout


3 Supersets

Set 1: Shoulder Press 5 @ 9 RPE & Chin ups for Max Reps

Set 2: Press 5 reps, Same weight AMRAP & Chin ups x 50% of Max Reps

Set 3: Repeat set 2 for both movements


10min Partner AMRAP

10 synchronized burpees

15sec Active hang (per person)

-rest 1 min-

10min AMRAP

10 alt plate burpees 45/25lbs

10 strict pull ups (per person)

*Only one person may work at a time except for during the synchronized burpees.


For quality:

8 x 200m Run

200m Jog as “rest”

*Athletes will reference our “Running Times” sheet for their individual pace for this wod. Remember, bettering your 1 mile time is the goal on this day!


10 – 15min of mobility post workout


6 Supersets

CGBP (close grip bench press)


Pendlay Row



15min EMOM

Min 1: AMRAP Box jumps 24/20″

Min 2: AMRAP Push Press 115/80lbs (from the rack for “friends”)

Min 3: Rest


3 Person Teams

40min AMRAP

100 DB/KB Lunges 53/35lb (one DB or KB per team held at the chest or higher)

2k Row (each team member gets max 10 pulls each time they rotate)

300 WBs

400 DUs

*Only 1 person may work at a time, but everyone stops every 5 minutes to perform 10 burpees.


8min AMRAP, 8 reps

Dead lift

Push press

-Rest 3min-

8min AMRAP, 8 reps

Hang Power Clean


Men: 95lbs

Women: 65lbs