Thursday, November 15, 2012

MOD (Movement of the day)
Weighted Ring Dips
WOD (Workout of the day)
-30 Seconds of Dead Lift (Body Weight)
-30 Seconds of Ring Rows
For 4 Rounds
Rest 2 Minutes
-2 Minutes of Goblet Squats 53/35
Score will be Total Reps completed
“What I learned”
This past weekend I traveled to Savannah to attend my first USA Weightlifting certification.  First off, it was a great experience.  I highly encourage anyone interested in the snatch or the clean and jerk to pursue learning more about these complex lifts by either asking one of your SRC coaches or attending a seminar yourself.  The sport of olympic weightlifting is fun, rewarding, and unique.
From now on, when I say weightlifting, I’m referring specifically to the olympic sport of weightlifting (not weight lifting).  On to the good stuff.  FIrst, weightlifting creates this wacky thing called “functional stability.”  Yeah, yeah.  I hear ya moaning back there.  The word “functional” gets thrown around ad nauseam these days.  But settle that stomach.  I’m not talking about functional training with cables, balancing on exercise balls, while contracting your piriformis muscle to create external rotation in your femur.  In weightlifting, “functional” gets real.  We’re referring to the ability to receive a heavy load (pulled from the ground) in a strong, stable position.  This is a very useful ability to have if you ever need to move groceries, pick up a child, or catch your buddy as he falls off his bar stool because the Panther game went into overtime and he doesn’t know how to watch football without a beer in his hand.
Second, olympic weightlifting athletes are well rounded.  Along with being the strongest athletes in the olympic games, they are also the second most flexible (gymnasts take first place, and track and field third).  Why is flexibility important?  Studies show that after 2 weeks of not putting a joint through its full range of motion degenerative changes can be seen on x-rays.  Being mobilized to end ranges of motion means that the joints are healthy and the lifespan of your weightlifting career will be long.  Add strength to that equation and you wind up with a long, productive, and useful life.  One of the most significant characteristics of aging is the loss of skeletal muscle.  Stay strong, stay mobile, stay young.  Ponce de Leon should have grabbed a barbell cause I think we just found the fountain of youth.
Third, there are a bunch of technique related take-aways from this weekend, but we can save that stuff for your next visit to SRC.  Grab me or another coach and let us know you’re interested in cleaning up your O-lifts.  We’d all be stoked to help out.
Lastly, visit the CrossFit main site at  to study the Snatch and Clean and Jerk related videos by Coach Bergener.  Visual training goes a long way.
Dr. Andy Abele
Chiropractor (Louisiana License #1442, South Carolina License #3694, Colorado License #6828)
Stunt Performer  (SAG #01107250)