Saturday, November 17, 2012

WOD (Workout of the day):
9:00 continous effort 1:00 ME KB swings 53/35#
7:00 AMRAP 7 Back Squats (Bwt / 70%) 100m Run
1:00 ME Burpees *no rest between efforts
Post # of KB Swings, rounds, # of Burpees

“If Giselle can do deadlifts, so can you.”

Train More Like a Man

You will not get “big and bulky” just because you’re doing squats and deadlifts. That statement is akin to me saying, “Eh, I don’t want to do any sprints today because I don’t want to win the 100m gold medal next week.” Getting big and bulky isn’t easy, just like winning the 100m gold medal isn’t easy. If anything, it’s an insult to all those people who’ve spent years in the gym to look the way they do. It didn’t happen overnight, which is what you’re assuming by saying something so absurd. And let’s be honest, most people (men and women) won’t work hard enough to get “big and bulky” in the first place. It’s hard enough for a man to put on any significant amount of muscle, let alone a woman. Women are physiologically at a disadvantage for putting on muscle due to the fact that they have ten times less free Testosterone in their bodies compared to men. That being said, you still need to get the most bang out of your training buck, and that includes ditching the glute-buster machine and focusing more on the compound movements. Joe Dowdell, owner of Peak Performance in NYC, trains many of the top female models in the city and their programming includes squats, deadlifts, chin-ups, bench variations, sled dragging, and tons of energy system work. Yes, Victoria’s Secret models are doing squats and deadlifts. And yes, that’s completely hot. If Giselle can do Romanian deadlifts, so can you. Just because you’re a woman doesn’t mean you can’t train like a man and lift some serious weight. I never bought into this whole mindset that women are these delicate creatures that can’t hang with the boys. Heck, even my own girlfriend is hooked now. Two months ago, she never attempted a deadlift, now she’s pulling over 200 pounds (209 in this video) and loves it. And she still looks like a girl no less! In all actuality, since she started training with me occasionally, she’s gotten leaner and stronger. To quote her, “My glutes went from flab to fab.”

About the Author: Tony Gentilcore is a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) and personal trainer (CPT) through the NSCA.