Dec 17 – 23, 2018

Monday December 17, 2018

Push Press


Superset w/5 sets of 10 Scapular pull ups



20 DB Snatches 50/35lbs

15 TTB

It’s been a month since we tested a heavy push press so make sure you know your number prior to lifting! The scap pull ups have a two-fold purpose today: 1) to provide an opposing force to the push press, and 2) to get you ready for 75 TTBs in the wod. The wod is a 10 to 12 minute hip hinging intensive workout so remember to bend at the knees on the snatches, and maintain an “active” hang throughout the TTBs. Sub 10 minutes is the target for this wod!


Snatch Grip Dead lift


Superset w/5 sets of 8 GHD sit ups


For time:


Cal Row


Please watch the video link above at .25 speed to get a feel for what it should look like. This movement is meant to improve our snatch by taking us through the first and second pulls under a heavy load. There is also a refresher video above for GHD sit ups. Watch it! The wod is a mental tester due to the fact that you have to go back up to 25 from 10. Movements are complimentary as we are hinging at the hip and pulling on the rower, and hinging at the hip and pushing with the WBs. Prepare for your butt to burn, and shoot for a sub 20 minute time!


Single Arm DB/KB Bench Press

5-5-5-5-5 (per side)

Superset w/5 sets of Snatch Grip Bent BB row


7min EMOM

3 Ring MUs + AMRAP Box jumps 30/24”

-Rest 2min-

7min EMOM

3 Strict HSPUs + AMRAP Box jumps 24/20”

*Score =  MUs + HSPUs + Box jumps

October 31st of this year we performed the single arm DB/KB bench press so check your numbers! We’re performing more snatch grip work today as we work to improve this lift through accessory work as well as compliment our push with a pull. Wednesday is our gymnastics day for this cycle, and we are using the Ring MU and the Strict HSPU as a buy-in to the box jumps for each EMOM. Let’s make sure we choose modifications that won’t bog you down to ensure that you get those box jumps done.


5 sets of 100ft DB Front Rack Carry


15min AMRAP

10 OH lunges in place 95/65lbs

6 Burpees

10 OH lunges in place

6 CTB Pull ups

Men: 95lbs

Women 65lbs

Thursdays are our heavy carry/push/pull days, and we’re incorporating “Open Prep” on these days as well. Watch THIS VIDEO for the wod’s movement standards, but know that we’re subbing 10 lunges in place for the 25 ft of overhead walking lunges. We’ve also shortened the reps a little (from 8 to 6) and the wod from 20 minutes to 15.


Front Squat


Superset w/5 sets of 5 Reverse Hypers on the GHD


3 Person Team

15 min EMOM

Min 1: HS Hold

Min 2: Hang from pull up bar

Min 3: AMRAP DU’s

Team members will rotate every minute on the minute, but if anyone stops holding or hanging the person performing DUs must stop. Score is DU’s.

Front squats are great for building confidence in your squat clean by exposing your CNS to a heavier load than you can actually clean (today). Clink the link above to watch a Reverse Hyper using the GHD. Reverse Hypers can be used with light weights in everyday training to reduce lower back tightness and strengthen hamstrings, glutes, and hips. The team wod is going to tax the shoulders! Try not to watch the clock while you hang, and remember to communicate with your team regarding your rest. Any team getting 1500+ DU’s gets a free gatorade!


3/4 “Murph”

1200m Run

75 Pull ups

150 Push ups

225 Air squats

1200m Run

Doing this wod now ensures that we lightly touch on this longer time domain torture so that it’s not a shock when Memorial Day 2019 rolls around again (in less than 6 months.) It should take anywhere from 25 to 45 minutes, and be done as fast as possible. Check movement standards below:



Air squats


Spell Your Name

25 min AMRAP

A = 50 DU’s

B = 20 Ab mat sit ups

C = 30 Air squats

D = 15 Push ups

E = 1 min wall sit

F = 10 Burpees

G = 20 Jumping pull ups

H = 20 Air squats

I = 30 DU’s

J = 15 Ab mat sit ups

K = 10 Push ups

L = 90 sec wall sit

M = 20 Burpees

N = 25 Burpees

O = 40 DU’s

P = 15 Pull ups

Q = 30 ab mat sit ups

R = 15 push ups

S = 30 Burpees

T = 15 Air squats

U = 30 sec HS hold

V = 2 min wall sit

W = 20 burpees

X = 60 DU’s

Y = 10 ab mat sit ups

Z = 20 push ups

While this is the second day in a row of a 25 min+ wod, the pace on this day should be considerably slower than yesterday. Sunday wods are generally written to be accessible to newcomers while still allowing our current members to be challenged. If you’ve done this wod before and don’t want to spell out your name, have fun with it and spell out a famous word or phrase. A free Rx bar to any who completes supercalifragilisticexpialidocious or antidisestablishmentarianism!