Feb 18 – 24, 2019

Monday February 18, 2019

Build to a heavy complex (from the rack):

Push Press x 2 + Push Jerk w/10sec hold in the finish


Crossfit Open WOD 14.1

10 min AMRAP

30 DUs

15 Power Snatches 75/55lbs

*Today we are running 2 heats, and practicing judging one another using the official score sheet. If your athlete isn’t doing the wod Rx, please notate the difference on the sheet.

The purpose of the pressing complex is to keep you under a heavy load during the next five weeks while working on movements that we’re likely to see in the coming wods. 14.1 is an opportunity for us to get used to judging each other before Friday. As you judge, don’t be afraid to “no rep” your athlete if they aren’t clearly meeting the standards set forth by Crossfit. Please scale the wod to 60 single unders with men snatching 65lbs, and women snatching 45lbs if need be. 


Build to a 1RM Back Squat in 20 minutes


6 min EMOM

Min 1: 30sec Max Pull ups

Min 2: 30sec Max Burpees

-3min Rest-

6min EMOM

Min 1: 30sec Max TTB

Min 2: 30sec Max Burpees

*Each minute will have 30sec of work and 30sec of rest.

As promised we are finding our 1RM back squat just before the start of the 2019 Crossfit Open! We’ve been building for 2 months so check your numbers before class, and go for a new PR today! The two 6 minute EMOM’s provide us with bodyweight pushing and pulling since we aren’t having our usual gymnastics days for the next 5 weeks due to the Open. Fitter SRCF athletes will score around 200 reps.


For time:

50ft HS Walks or 10 Wall Walks

40 Box jumps 20” for all

30 Ab mat sit ups

50ft HS Walking or 10 Wall Walks

30 Ab mat sit ups

40 Box jumps 20” for all

50ft HS Walking or 10 Wall Walks

As we get closer to Friday, our goal is to stay healthy and to not beat our bodies up hence today’s WOD. Handstand skillwork and box jumps are the hardest part of this day so that we can ensure and injury free 19.1. This workout shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to complete. This is a great day to work on your handstands as well as take time after the wod for a good cool down stretch. Make sure that you are meeting the standards for the ab mat sit ups and the box jumps. Click the links above to view the official movement standards from Crossfit HQ.


Partner WOD for time:

5000m Row

100 WBs 20/14”

*Teams may break up the meters and WBs however they like.


Crossfit Open WOD 19.1

15min AMRAP

19 WBs 20/14lbs

19 Cal Row


2 RFT:

800m Run or 1000m Row

40 TTBs

20 Burpee box jump overs 24/20”

*This wod is subject to change depending on the movements of Open WOD 19.1.


4 Person Teams:

20 minutes Max Calories: Rx – Bike, Scaled – Rower

Each time a team member rotates onto the bike or rower the other team members must perform:

15 Russian KBS 70/53lbs

10 Renegade Rows 50/35lbs

5 Jumping Air squats

*Each team only gets 1 KB and 2 DBs.