Thursday, November 22, 2012

Today SRC will only have one class at 9am. We hope you join us! 


20 Minute amrap:

“One round: 400 meter run followed by three rounds of 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 air squats”

You must carry a pumpkin for the run and the air squats.  If the pumpkin touches the ground anywhere but in the specified location, you have to do 20 burpees. If you break the pumpkin, you have to do 100 burpees. Pumpkins range from 15 lbs to 50 lbs. Challenge yourself!

Swamp Rabbit CrossFit would like to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving! Around this time of the year many of your friends start to consider joining a new gym. I am sure some of them are wondering, Is CrossFit right for me?

We want to take a a little time and answer that…

The simple answer: Yes

It doesn’t matter what their fitness goals are, CrossFit will help them achieve those goals quickly. By executing a variety of compound functional movements at a high intensity they will improve in all aspects of fitness.

The benefits are as follows:

  • Fat burning
  • Compound functional movements utilize more muscles which burns fat much faster than isolation movements.
  • Never bored
  • The constantly varied WOD (workout of the day) means they will never do the same “routine.” Ever. Although the WODs are based on a core group of movements, the order, combinations, reps and rounds always are varied. Each day is different, each week is different.
  • Constant improvement
  • The variety of exercises also means their body won’t adapt to a particular exercise routine. They will never plateau. All WODs are based on repeatable and measurable (timed) exercises. So from time to time they will execute a previous WOD to see if they can do it faster.
  • Motivation
  • All WODs are lead by a trainer to ensure proper and safe execution of the movements. In addition to the trainer, they also might be among other clients in a group setting. Finally, all WODs have a time element to encourage them to push harder.
  • Are they in good enough shape for CrossFit?
  • Show up! Really! We’ll make them better.

All of our workouts consist of compound functional movements, which are natural, scalable, modifiable or have substitutions. This means that everyone, regardless of age, gender, or fitness level can have fun exercising together. So bring a friend today and lets get to it!