May 20 – 26, 2019

Monday May 20, 2019

Build to a 1RM Squat Clean in 15 min



15 Burpee box jumps 24/20”

50 DUs

15min Time Cap


Bench Press

5 @ 65%

5 @ 70%

5 @ 75%

AMRAP @ 80%

Superset w/3 sets of 8 Single Arm Standing Banded Reverse Flys


3min AMRAP, Rest 3min x 3

7 Pull ups

7 Thrusters 95/65lbs

*Your lowest round is your score.


15 min of Rope Climb practice


12min EMOM

Min 1: 30sec AMRAP L-sit Chin ups

Min 2: Accumulate 30sec in the HS Hold

Min 3: 30sec AMRAP Alt DB Snatches 50/35lbs



Build to a 3RM OHS in 15min

Superset w/4 sets of 10 Hollow Rocks



5 Dead lifts

10 Bar MUs

5 Squat Cleans

10 HSPUs

Men: 185lbs

Women: 125lbs


Build to a 2RM Shoulder Press in 15min


800m Run

OH DB Walking Lunges around the rig 

600m Run

OH DB Walking Lunges around the rig 

400m Run

OH DB Walking Lunges around the rig 

Men: 50lbs

Women: 35lbs

20min Cap

*Athletes will begin lunging at the door closest to the rowers, lunge around the rig, and exit the rollup door to begin the next run.


25min Partner AMRAP

Row for max calories in 20 minutes

25 Ab mat sit ups

25 American KBS 53/35lbs

*Player 1 will begin rowing, and Player 2 will perform 25 sit ups and 25 kettlebell swings before they can switch.


21min AMRAP

25 DUs

15 Jumping Lunges

5 TTBs

*Stop every 3 minutes and perform 7 burpees. Start with burpees.