Friday new, November 30, 2012

Rx Plus
50 Burpees
1600m Run
80 Air Squats
800m Run
60 Pull ups
600m Run
40 GHD Sit Ups
400m Run
200m Run

Are you ready for the next four weeks? You know, that time of year that you get pulled in every direction, kids school performances, travel, parties, baking, shopping, planning, family visiting wrapping, making lists and checking twice… the one thing that isn’t actually pulling on you is you.

As a result, this is the time of year that people tend to let their own priorities slip, giving up on themselves because of all the other things pulling. And the idea of just waiting until the New Years for a resolution, makes it that much easier now to simply let it go… knowing that you’ll make up for it in the New Year.

It’s a trap! Don’t be fooled. Don’t be one of the statistics. Stick with your commitment to yourself – in how you eat, how you show up for workouts, and how you give yourself the time you need to make your life work. Believe me, after letting it go for a month, it’s MUCH harder to get it back than if you just gave yourself a little bit every day between now and December 31!

While we are on the topic, there’s no better way to kick off the holiday season other than an Ugly Holiday Sweater Party!! SRC is excited to announce we host our first annual Ugly Holiday Sweater Party on Saturday, December 22, 2012. The party is free and starts at 7pm. Bring your own meat and we will provide beer. You can sign up to bring side dishes at the box. We will have a grill and chairs and a fire going outside in a burn barrel. So start spreading the word, and we hope to see all of you there!