Mar 30 – Apr 5, 2020

Hey Rabbit Family! We’re hosting live coached workouts on Zoom. If you don’t have Zoom, you can download it here:

We’re also hosting “Keep Calm & Train Happy”! It’s a vitality challenge that will be organized into teams and will run through this strange period. You can sign up at! We’d love to have you participate. We’re pre-selling tees but no purchase is required to join in our community challenge.

If you don’t have any equipment at home we want to help you stay fit! Come check out some equipment from the gym. We’ll lend weights of all shapes and sizes, bands, and jump ropes. You can check them out at the front desk. If you’d like some help on what you can be doing individually, contact a coach!

Monday March 30, 2020


3 Couplets for quality:
A. 3 Rounds of:
10 Pike Compressions
L-Sit Hold :45

B. 3 Rounds of:
10 Straddle Compression Sit ups
10 Straddle Compressions

C. 3 Rounds of:
10 Compression Drag/Hop Forward
10 Compression Drag/Hop Backward


Pre: 3 Sets of 10 2 up/1 down calf raises.

3 Rounds of:
10 Alt. 1 Arm Obj. Snatches
8 Goblet Squats

Rest 1 min between rounds.


Pre: 3 x :60 Russian Planks

3 Rounds for time of:
Object Row x 20/side
Crossbody Mountain Climbers x 40
Russian Swings x 50


Pre: 3 min in handstand or pike.

Death by (10 minutes)
Air Squat + 2 Push up Burpee

Cash out:
Accumulate 5:00 in bottom of air squat.


Pre: 3×10 Pike and Straddle Compressions

5 Rounds of :50 on/:10 off:
Hollow/Arch Rolls
Pike Push ups
Single Leg Glute Bridges
Tall Bear Crawls (5ft = 1 rep)


5 L/R Lunge + Thruster
10 Sit ups
30 Double Unders


4 Rounds of:
20 Weighted Step Ups
10 Box Dips
Max Burpees

Rest :90 between rounds.