Saturday, December 1, 2012

5 RFT of:
-10 Clapping Push Ups
-15 Wall Balls
-20 Ab Mat Sit Ups

Do or Do Not

Posted by CrossFit LA

There is no try.

Does this simply, Yodic phrase upset you? If so, you may want to take a look at what you think “there is no try” means to you.

Do you hear in it that when you take action and you don’t get what you planned you aren’t being given the credit you deserve? That would be a misunderstanding of the phrase. The phrase isn’t about credit or blame, it’s about what is so. When you made your move, did you get the result you wanted, yes or no? If you can answer truthfully and without emotional charge or judgment, you can make the necessary adjustments. If you can’t answer without judgement, you likely won’t be able to. More likely you’ll avoid the necessary steps or even the thing itself to avoid being reminded of your “failure.”

“I tried to be on time”
“I tried to deadlift 300 pounds”
“I tried to make him understand”

Are all phrases seeking validation. The simple reality is that you weren’t on time, you didn’t lift it, and he still doesn’t get you. The question is, why would you want to settle for validation when what you really wanted was to be on time, deadlift 300 pounds, or have him understand you? How can you have it NEXT time if you didn’t have it this time?

“Do or do not” is a powerful tool when used properly. It doesn’t assign credit or blame. It can take the emotional charge away from “failing.”

Not doing something is only a failure when you say it is. And when you say “I tried” you are TRYING to avoid the “failure” you have assigned to what happened. Notice how in this situation “trying” never works? You still feel crummy! If you could just say “no, I didn’t” without the jarring emotions that come along with experiencing failure, you would actually relieve yourself of failing!

One of the greatest gifts that we can give ourselves is the space to “do not.” If you only have room for “do” and need to make excuses or be validated for the times you “do not” you will likely only do that which you know you can already do. And that’s not what any of you want! If you can say “no, I didn’t” you can ask yourself the powerful question, “What’s the next step?” If you can’t, you’ll just end up being sick of feeling like a failure and stick to the devil you know. And he’ll keep you warm, but he’s not likely to be the champion for your personal growth.