The hardest part about getting fit

Have you ever set out to do something difficult? Not something that you started and realized that it was going to be tough, something that you knew from the outset was going to test you.


I have, and it changed my entire life in a day. 


Back in 2013, I received the wonderful gift of becoming a father. My wife and I were very blessed to plan to have kids and have things go relatively according to plan. But I knew that once our daughter arrived, it would be the biggest challenge I had ever faced. I was intimidated by the responsibility for bringing a person into the world and preparing them for a life well-lived.

You probably don’t do this, but I built it up and listened to the people who talked about how tough it is to be a parent, especially a parent to a newborn! Late nights, diapers, driver’s permit tests, college… it got a little out of hand in my head.

Thankfully, once the process was underway, I wasn’t going to back out of being not just a father, but a daddy. There have been some bumps in the road, but I am so grateful that we have been blessed with not just one kid, but three little people who bear my name. There is so much joy, perspective, and character development that have come out of daddyship that I just couldn’t have gotten any other way.


Enough about me, how is this even a fitness article at this point!?


In the decades that I’ve been involved with fitness, the hardest part of getting fit is all of the build up before you get started. 


“I can’t do what those guys do, I’m too out of shape.”


“People will judge me for how I’ve let myself go. I’d rather not face the stares.”


“I’m too old to worry about it now.”


“Fill in the blank with your reason.”


If you believe the naysayers, and you can be a naysayer in your own journey, then you’ll always put it off. If you hide behind your fears, fear of failure, fear of not fitting in, fear of discomfort, then you’ll always be captive to them. If you believe the lie that you can’t do anything about it, then you’ll always be able to avoid it.




If you take ownership of your situation, and just get started, you have no idea how far you can go. 

We can help you there. As coaches and athletes, we’ve all been through the getting started phase. We know that it’s the hardest part about getting fit. In fact, because we know it, we set up a program to help you thrive in it by working with an experienced coach.

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