What gets you to change? Pt. 2

What gets you to change?

In the first article, “Do you care enough to change?” I introduced The Change Formula, which we’ll review in a moment, and unpacked the first two variables. Vision, which must be personal and believable TO YOU. Dissatisfaction, which must be personal and strong enough to move you from the status quo.

Change Formula:

(V * D) + FS > R = C

V = Vision – A believable better future.

D = Dissatisfaction – Unhappiness with the present and the future to which it leads.

FS = First Steps – Smallest thing that you could do, that you would do.

R = Resistance – The pressure to remain the same, which is often rooted in fear.C = Change – Doing something different.

(Idea Credit: Richard Beckhard, David Gleicher refined by Kathie Dannemiller.)


We established that Vision is multiplied by Dissatisfaction because those are the strongest variables in this equation. This time, we’ll unpack the rest and invite you into the conversation.

First Steps are just that, the first things you need to do to initiate change. If I was a betting man, I’d be willing to bet that you knew what the first steps to the last big change you needed to make were long before you took them. The limiting factor for most people isn’t what to do or how to do it, it’s motivation and accountability. They’ve been living with Dissatisfaction for longer than they care to admit, but haven’t had the Vision and help they needed to overcome Resistance and get moving. In the off chance that you have no idea what the First Steps are to your problem, a professional coach is the shortcut to figuring it out.


Now the big scary monster that lives in everyone… Resistance.


You’ve felt it. It’s what makes you clean the kitchen when you have a big email to write. It’s what drives you out to the disc golf course instead of making an important phone call. It’s what sends you to social media instead of having the tough conversation.

It’s sneaky, it plays dirty, and it’s inside of you. It also has powerful allies in the fight against change. Your biology wants you to expend as little energy as possible because your body wants to stay alive at minimum cost. You have access to no end of empty calories for your body and mind that would rather smother you to death with comfort.

Some gung ho try hards have the power to just beat the Resistance into submission day after day. But submission is a funny word, that might unlock a key to fighting Resistance. You need a mission in order to submit something under it. You need clearly defined goals (Vision) and a healthy unhappiness with the way things are (Dissatisfaction.) Once those are crystal clear they can be engaged with the smallest thing that you can do that you will do (First Steps) to get moving. When the sum of all of that is greater than the Resistance, you get change.


Listen… getting positive change is hard. We know. 


But we’ve been helping people do it for 8 years and we’re not stopping now. If you want help working through the process, get a coach. We’ll help you get laser focused on your goals and then lay out a step by step process to help you reach them. No judgment, no shaming. Just genuine care and concern for you and getting you to be the person you want to be.


Do you want to do a Goals Review Session with a coach and get the change you signed up for? Let’s get started today!