Thursday, January 10, 2013

“What does Rx mean to you?
Is it just 2 letters you want by your name every WOD, no matter how you get it? Your form may suck, not going below parallel, chin not going over the bar, not locking hips out at the top, not hitting your target, not being able to lock your arms out at the top of a lift. Yeah you are getting Rx by your name but does it really mean anything if you’re cheating your reps? RX is a goal to shoot for…. It’s the Elite standard of CrossFit. Of course everyone wants those 2 letters by their name but that’s not what it’s meant for. Fortunately there ARE standards in CrossFit and weight is not the only standard. Movement standards play a huge part. So if you can’t get to the bottom of a squat, you can’t hit the target for wall ball, you can’t open your hips at the top of a box jump, or if you can’t jump on the box yet at all…then that is perfectly fine. It means you have work to do, to make yourself better. This is what separates us as CrossFitters from the YMCA or the Muscle heads at the Globo gym. ¬†There is a friendly competition inside every box, that’s why the standards are in place. If one person is going to “Rx” and completes every rep to all the correct standards yet you have someone else who is doing rx weight but their form misses in every category and has a better time it does 2 things … gives the person who won a skewed perception on their fitness level and ability and it pisses off the person who was holding all the correct standards.”

Keep these things in mind next time you come to workout. You’re the only one who gets cheated when reps are not 100%. Don’t cheat your body. You can read the entire blog post from Black Fin CrossFit here.

Thursday’s WOD

For Time:

1000M Run

100 HR Push Ups

10 Snatch 135/95

Yes, snatch means from the ground, catching it in a squat every time. EVERY TIME. Scale accordingly.

**Don’t forget to initial by your name on the clipboard at the front desk to be eligible for the Firebreather Challenge that started Monday.