Friday, January 18, 2013

Have you ever felt like you could get the WOD done faster if you had a little help?? Today’s your day! Grab a partner & a barbell and get to work!

Partner WOD!!
-2k Row/Partner holds Front Rack position* 95/65
-100 Power Cleans/Partner holds handstand
-50 Burpees onto a 25# plate/Partner holds bar overhead

Time stops after you pay penalty, if any.

*switch off whenever needed. Barbell cannot touch the ground. 10 Burpee penalty per person each time barbell touches ground.


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Wednesday Jan 23 is BRING A FRIEND DAY! Bring one friend, who has never tried SRC, to any class on Wednesday for a complimentary WOD. You must attend class with your friend for the offer to apply.

Save the Date! Friday, February 1 will be Day One of SRC’s first ever Nutrition Challenge. We will be holding a nutrition seminar to answer all of your questions on Wednesday, January 23 at 7pm. Details will be posted soon! Start clearing out your cabinets. We are getting serious about clean eating. If you want to get a jumpstart, start browsing some of our favorite websites…