Tuesday, January 22, 2013

We’ve got some new items for sale at the gym! Pick up some Aquaphor to treat your calluses, grab a Progenex protein shake after your WOD and pick up a cup of coffee or hot tea from our new Keurig on your way out! What are some other things you’d like to see us offer? We’re happy to stock any reasonable requests.


Turkish Get Up 15 Right/15 LeftX2



Push Jerk 135/95

Save the Date! Friday, February 1 will be Day One of SRC’s first ever Nutrition Challenge. We will be holding a nutrition seminar to answer all of your questions THIS Wednesday, January 23 at 7pm. This is a 28 day challenge with a $30 buy in. Participants will be scored on workouts completed, completion of food journal, body fat lost and goals accomplished.  Cheating(unauthorized treats) will result in negative points. A cash prize will be awarded to the top 3 participants. More details to come on Wednesday. Start clearing out your cabinets. We are getting serious about clean eating!

This Wednesday Jan 23 is BRING A FRIEND DAY! Bring one friend, who has never tried SRC, to any class on Wednesday for a complimentary WOD. You must attend class with your friend for the offer to apply.
***Wednesday’s 7 pm class is cancelled because of the nutrition seminar.