Wednesday, January 23, 2013


If you plan to participate in Frebruary’s nutrition challenge please attend the nutrition seminar at 7 pm tonight to be clear on all requirements. If you are unsure about participating or know that you will not be participating(what the heck?!?!) please attend anyway. It’s great info for whenever you are ready to transition to a healthier diet. The information given will not be all about weight loss. We actually could care less about your weight on the scale. Our goal is to help you become stronger, faster, more efficient and lean. The goal for the 30 days is to EAT REAL FOOD. See you tonight! Seminar is free! There will be a buy in for the challenge, but you don’t have to turn in your $ until the challenge begins. Buy in $ goes towards a cash prize for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

**We are happy to charge coffee, water and Progenex purchases to your account using the credit card you have on file. If we do not have a credit card on file it may be a good idea to add $10-$20 to your account so there is money availble for quick small purchases.  We have added a purchase sheet by the Keurig for you to note your purchases if the front desk staff is busy or unavailable. Please list all purchases and we will charge the items to your account. Thanks!

Tuesday’s WOD


Pull Ups
Rest 1 Min
Abmat Sit Ups
 Rest 1 Min
     Calorie Row
Rest 1 Min

It’s BRING A FRIEND DAY! Today you can bring 1 friend with you to any class. Show your friends how badass you are/are becoming/are going to be one day as they are challenged by the workout of the day right by your side. Please bring one friend only. You must attend the class with them.

**7 PM class is cancelled for the nutrition seminar**