Wednesday, February 20, 2013

During any class time today you can bring one friend who has never attended a class at SRCF. You must attend class with your friend. To save a little time please have your friend create a profile online by clicking the SIGN UP link. He/she will not be able to sign up for class online because it is free, so just log out after profile is created and waiver is accepted. If your friend is unable to create an online profile please advise him/her to come at least 15 minutes early to take care of that at the gym. We will begin class on time. 


“Deck of Death”

Clubs = Pull Ups
Diamonds = Abmat Sit Ups x 2
Spades = Push ups
Hearts = Weighted Box Step Ups
Joker = 250m Row

J = 11
Q = 12
K = 13
A = 14

Come in to see what you’re dealt!


Reminder! The 30th day of the challenge is SaturdayMarch 2. Jessica will be available for measurements on Saturday March 2 before each class and after 2:30pm.  If you cannot come in on Saturday she will be available Friday March 1st before 2pm only. We will create another sign up sheet the week before so you’ll have a specific time to come in.

LEADER BOARD Including Dates, Feb 1-18

Bonnie 54

Rush-Baker 50ish

Charles 49

Bern 48ish

Eamon 47

Jonathan 46

Chuck 45ish

Matt 45ish

Lots of others have 40+ points so watch out!

These points are not official.
I counted, but did not recount. There are also some people who have not completed their journal through Monday the 18th(the last day that was included for this leader board) because they sent it early, so I assumed that these people who have been almost perfect have remained on track over the last few days. I will recalculate, count and recount for the final. Again, this is unofficial but close enough to give you an idea of where you may stand.

Goals are being acomplished, but are not included in the above points.