Saturday, May 4, 2013

9 am class and 9 am kids class is canceled Saturday! Great news! you can still sign up for the CrossFit 5K on the day of the event if you still want to join us!

FREE 9 AM Intro and 10:30 am on-ramp is still on and we’ll be back for 11 am and 1pm classes!

Aww! You missed the CF 5k!? Don’t worry! You still get a chance to do it!


Run 1 mile

30 power snatches95/65

Run 1 mile

30 clean and jerks95/65

Run 1 mile

Congrats to Coach Brandon and his wife, Karla on the birth of their baby girl, Charlotte Abigail! 9lbs 4 oz , 21.25 inches and healthy!