Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Biggest Secret in Fitness 

by Coach Brandon Simpson

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Are you looking to shed 15 pounds?  Do you want to run a marathon?  Do you want to hit a new personal best power lifting or weightlifting total?  I have the biggest secret that supplement companies don’t want you to know!  This is so top secret that even big box globo gyms don’t want you to know!  What is even better than the biggest secret in fitness?  The fact that the biggest secret in fitness is only two words!  Two words!  Are you ready for this!?  (Are all the questions annoying you yet?  I’m doing my best infomercial here.)

Show Up.

That’s it.  If you set smart goals then all you have to do is show up.  About 80% of your training is going to be run of the mill, average, everyday work.  You’ll put in the mileage, hang up your shoes, and go home.  You’ll finish your squats, rack the bar, and go home.  You’ll tap out for the last time, pack up your gi, and go home.  It will be a normal day, but when you show up for normal day after normal day something starts to happen.  All the accumulated work from simply showing up starts to create change.  Before you know it, you’ll see the body you wanted starting to appear in the mirror, your times will come down, and your weights will go up.  Sport skills will improve.  It’s uncanny what I see when people simply show up over long periods of time.

It can’t be that easy…

Notice I never said it was easy.  It is simple.  So simple that people think it must be something else.  We love to blame the success of others on luck or cheating.  That guy has great genes, he must be on steroids, it’s because she’s young, she sure had a lucky break.  No one wants to say, “Congratulations, your years of hard work have really paid off in attributes, aesthetics, and skills that I hope to have one day.”  That would be an acknowledgment that you could do what they did if you just show up and work hard.  It’s much easier to blame it on genetics and stay home eating honey buns.
It seems to be that the people who we hear complaining about not seeing change are those who are not putting in the work consistently. Like Brandon said. It’s SIMPLE. Show up. Do work. Keep on Truckin’ people! We are so impressed by so many of you.  The gains in strength, speed, mobility and self confidence that we’ve seen from our members is incredible. We love when you ask questions and want to be better. When love when you SHOW UP READY!
Below are a few awesome ladies who have continued to impress over time.  All 3 of them are rope climbers now, they all Rx’d Wednesday’s WOD and they all SHOW UP consistently!
"I finally decided to take control and do it the old fashioned way and the results are great! This is not a diet its the way I live now and I love it!"


Cass has been with us since October. She's shows up consistently and pushes herself to new levels every day. She got her first rope climb 2 weeks ago!


These are the pants Andrea wore when she started at Swamp Rabbit CrossFit. She shows up early and she stays late. This girl is unstoppable!

Warm Up

3 rounds

200 M Run

5 Pull Ups

10 alternating dumbbell snatches

10 dips


9 Bar Muscle Ups

18  Power Snatch 95/65

600 M Run

7 Bar Muscle Ups

14 Power Snatch 

400 M Run

5 Bar Muscle Ups

10 Power Snatch 

200 M Run

**Sub for Bar MU’s is 2x pull ups and HRPU