Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Chad Vaughn's Rock Bottom Squat.

Awesome article below on some primary points of performance the that can be used to build great lifts. We should remember that Oly is NOT the same as power lifting. Movements, like the squat, look completely different between the 2 styles. Read the full article by clicking on the title link and help yourself to some fantastic tips from Coach Chad Vaughn. 

Want to be good at Oly?

Most athletes dive into the Olympic lifts without considering what really allows someone to lift the heaviest loads and move efficiently through high-rep workouts.

I have four keys to lifting the heaviest weights and moving well in the snatch and clean and jerk. They should be used as primary points of evaluation that will need to be built upon.

To start, ask yourself these questions:
1. Do I need mobility work or am I at least somewhat
comfortable in all the extreme positions for these
2. Do I “rip” from the floor?
3. Do I hurry to set up or get into positions?
4. Is my mind overwhelmed or my thoughts scrambled
from trying to accomplish too many things at once?
5. Do I need to calm down?

BRING A FRIEND DAY IS TOMORROW! Bring one buddy to any class time for free.

NUTRITION SOLUTIONS PALEO MEALS ARE BACK IN THE FRIDGE! Grab a healthy lunch or dinner  (salmon or chicken) on your way out the door!

Warm Up:
500m Row

Barbell Clean, progressions to WOD weight

Hang Power Cleans

500m Row
30 Power Clean 135/95
10 Wall to Bar Sprints
30 Box Jumps
3 Rope Climbs
Rx+ 155/115,30/24

Starting this weekend we are bringing back 7 am class on Saturday! We are cutting the 1 pm class. New class times are 7,9,&11 am for the summer months. We will have open gym every Saturday from 12-4 pm.

We will be open for 1 class only at 9 am on Memorial Day Monday, May 27.


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The Following Days are Bring a Friend Days

Wednesday May 22

Wednesday June 5

Wednesday June 19

We love that you’re taking advantage of our Bring a Friend days! Please remember that new CrossFitters and guests who have not participated in On Ramp cannot come to any of the other regular class times. If you’d like to bring a friend, please only do so on bring a friend day or invite them to our Free intro class on Saturdays at 9 am. We program specific WODs for these days to ensure safety for first timers and to keep a good class flow. Bringing new friends to regular classes without notice can take instruction time away from our current paying members. We appreciate your compliance!


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Affiliate League Kickoff June 29

All upstate affiliates are invited to the kickoff event hosted by Swamp Rabbit CrossFit. Stay tuned for details.

Greenville Games July 13

We are closing Saturday, July 13 so the entire gym can participate. All levels, individual or partner! This years Greenville Games will feature six divisions; Men and Female Rx and Scaled as well as two-person same-sex team competitions for both RX and Scaled.