Wednesday, May 22, 2013

It’s bring a friend day! Bring a buddy (who’s never visited) to any class today! Your friend can’t make it today?! No Prob. Invite him or her to the next bring a friend day for a fun free WOD.

Warm Up
“Around the Gym/Across The Yard”
400m Run/Row
15 x each movement
Partner WOD
100 Pull Ups
100 Squats
100 Hanging Knee Raises
100 HRPU
200m Run

You can only work while your partner is holding any form of the plank position. For the run if you come out of plank position you and your partner owe 10 Burpees for each rest at the end of the run.

Bring a Friend Days

Wednesday, May 22

Wednesday, June 5

Wednesday, June 19

We love that you’re taking advantage of our Bring a Friend days! Please remember that new CrossFitters and guests who have not participated in On Ramp cannot come to any of the other regular class times. If you’d like to bring a friend, please only do so on bring a friend day or invite them to our Free intro class on Saturdays at 9 am. We program specific WODs for these days to ensure safety for first timers and to keep a good class flow. Bringing new friends to regular classes without notice can take instruction time away from our current paying members. We appreciate your compliance!

The Paleo Meals are back! Pick up a lunch or dinner on your way out the door!

Starting this weekend we are bringing back 7 am class on Saturday! We are cutting the 1 pm class. New class times are 7,9,&11 am for the summer months. We will have open gym every Saturday from 12-4 pm.

We will be open for 1 class only at 9 am on Memorial Day Monday, May 27.


Stickers for Sale! $5

The member who submits a photo of the white rabbit sticker in the coolest place by June 30 wins a FREE MONTH membership! Spread the rabbit! SUBMISSIONS ARE ROLLING IN! email pic to [email protected]