Sunday, May 26, 2013

HAPPY 50th Birthday, CHUCK!!!

Chuck joined us for the first time back in November after his kids, Charles and Katie, brought him to his first class. About a week later he bought a membership and it was ON! Chuck had big goals. He weighed 226 pounds when he started at Swamp Rabbit CF. After some nutrition counseling with Jessica and lots of fighting to give up his fave fizzy beverage, Mountain Dew, Chuck managed to drop down to 208 by mid December. He went 100% paleo in February for the nutrition challenge and never cheated, despite traveling all over the country that month for work. By the end of the challenge he weighed in at 199.3 on March 1. Chuck recently went on a month long trip to Europe and came back looking even better than when he left, proof that good nutrition, physical activity and gains in muscle can keep your weight steady even if your schedule changes for a while.

Chuck’s goal was to be under 190 for his 50th Bday. On Thursday he weighed in at a strong 187 pounds. Way to go Chuck! Cheers to Fabulous 50!

**Beer in moderation was approved by chuck’s nutritionist for this special day 😉

Warm Up:

400m Run/Row


10 Pass Throughs

10 Barbell Push Jerks

10 Abmat SU

10 air Squats


Turkish Get Up- 16R/16L

Amrap 12
5 G2OH 95/65
10 Floor Wipers
15 Lateral Bar Hops
Sign up online for Memorial Day Murph on Monday at 9 am! We will be open for one HUGE class only! We are giving Firebreather’s a pass on Monday. If it’supposed to be your rest day just dont sign in on the Firebreather sheet. We want as many people there as possible so this day will not count against you. 
Rick Timmons has committed to donating $5 to the Wounded Warrior Project for every person who shows up on Monday! Bring your friends! FREE CLASS!!! If you invite a friend on Monday please please have them create a username and password and agree to the online waiver  by clicking on the schedule tab. After info is entered it will ask them for payment, at that point have your friend log out. Class is Free.  Having new friends complete the online waiver will save a lot of time before class. Thank You!
We have athletic tape for sale at the front desk for $3.00. We are no longer giving tape away. We’re going through too many rolls each week and it’s getting expensive, man! Pick up a roll here or at any sporting goods store to keep in your gym bag and wrap yourself up head to toe if you’d like!