40 Days to Fit

What can you do in just 40 days?

Lose up to 20 lbs, get stronger, boost your energy, and transform your life in just 40 days!

What can you expect from completing our famous 40 Days to Fit Challenge?


  • Fat loss and a decrease in body fat %
  • Increased energy and motivation
  • Fitting into clothes you haven’t worn in years
  • Boosted confidence and self-esteem
  • Feeling stronger and doing things you thought were impossible
  • More lean muscle mass
  • Increase muscle tone and definition
  • A community of new friends and peers that want to see you succeed
  • Coaches that care about you and your goals

The challenge is simple.


If you attend 20 classes in your first 40 days, you win $50 off of your monthly membership the following month!

40 Days to Fit is the best introductory experience to CrossFit in Greenville, SC. You’ll start off with 4 personal training sessions which teach the basics of CrossFit in a friendly and safe environment. We offer these classes in a 1-on-1 format to give you the most individualized preparation for CrossFit training.

Each of these personal coaching sessions will include a coach led warm up and mobility plan tailored to your individual needs. You’ll learn new skills, get a great workout, and learn all about nutrition, goal setting, sleep, hydration, and supplements to help upgrade you to version 2.0!

At the same time, you’ll get a 40 day Unlimited Membership to the cleanest training facility in town. You can participate in any of our CrossFit classes, use Open Gym hours to complete personalized programming from one of our pro coaches, or schedule nutrition coaching to help you with the lifestyle changes you want to make.

Around day 40 you’ll receive one more personal training session! You’ll retest an early workout, allowing you to see how far you’ve come in just 40 days. We’ll make sure that you’re on track to achieving your goals and set you up for success on your fitness journey!

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