Friday, June 14, 2013

A few excuses we’ve heard from people who are not signed up for the Greenville Games.

I’m not good enough. I’m not strong enough. I’m afraid I’ll come in last. I’ll embarrass myself. I’ll embarrass the gym.

Get over yourself. Stop making excuses. I’ve been to 4 local competitions in the last 5 months and I have seen people brand new to CrossFit, brand new to any kind of fitness routine come in dead last by a lot of time. No one laughed at them. I sure didn’t feel bad for them. They were accomplishing something and people were cheering. LOUD. In fact, people were cheering loudly for those who came in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and everyone in between. It’s just like class. You struggle at some things, you’re better at others, but no matter what there is motivation, encouraging words and this super community loaded with people who want to see you succeed. We are proud of the work that you guys put in and we want to travel BIG to this competition to show you off whether you come in first or last. Be proud of what you’ve accomplished so far. Stick your neck out there and drop the fear of looking good. People who stay pretty on the sidelines are boring. You are not boring. You are a Swamp(Ass) Rabbit. NO EXCUSES.

Warm Up

200m Run

2 Rounds

10 Shoulder Pass Throughs

5 Man Makers


Start warming up to PJ weight


Push Jerk



 Clock will START @half hour mark of each class.

2 Rounds

3 Min ME Push Press 95/65

3 Min ME Wall Ball 20/14

3 Min ME Row (for meters)

*This is a FULL 3 Minutes per station.

*1 Minute rest between stations.

Rest 3 Minutes between rounds.

It’s getting sweaty! Please bring your own sweat towels. Free towel service is for shower towels, not sweat towels. We just can’t keep enough clean shower towels ready to go if we’re using them all for sweat towels. THANKS!

Mark your calendar!

June 19– Bring a Friend Day. Bring a new friend to any class time

June 17– Deadline to submit your modPALEO order

June 21– Guys Night In(Poker)/Girls Night Out(Dinner & Drinks) Time TBA

June 29– 1st Upstate Affiliate League Competition and PARTY! 12-6pm RSVP!

June 30– last day to submit your white rabbit photo for a chance at a free month membership

July 13– Greenville Games