Friday, June 21, 2013


EVERYONE IS INVITED! Even if you’re brand new and don’t know anyone! Even better reason to show up!

Ladies, if you did not RSVP on the board, please post to comments by 1:00 if you are planning to attend. Reservations will be confirmed at 1. Thanks!

Ladies meet at the gym at 7:30 on tonight to carpool to Roost for dinner and drinks. Reservations are at 7:45 if you need to drive straight there. Guys, poker 7:30 at the gym. BYOB if the refrigerator beer isn’t fancy enough for you. Bring $30 for pizza. very expensive pizza.

Warm Up

3 rounds (add warm- up weight each round)

10 High Knees

10 Triple Extension

10 Triple Extension, Shrug

10 Triple Extension, Shrug, High Pull

10 Pwr Clean


Pwr Clean x8 (185/135)

Box Jump x25 (30/24)

Pwr Clean x8

Run 400

Pwr Clean x8

Box Jump x25

Pwr Clean x8

20 Minute Time Cap

Upstate Affiliate League try outs are SATURDAY at 12:15. You must either be present for the WODs or arrange with a coach another time that you will complete the workouts. This is how we will choose competitors. 

Please plan to attend the affiliate league competition and party even if you are not competing. The after party will double as the Firebreather party! We will have meat, please bring a side to share. We will also provide adult beverages. please plan to stay for the big party with the other affiliates.

SIGN UP NOW! Greenville Games

It’s getting sweaty! Please bring your own sweat towels. Free towel service is for shower towels, not sweat towels. We just can’t keep enough clean shower towels ready to go if we’re using them all for sweat towels. THANKS!