Sunday, June 30, 2013

 Congrats to the Swamp Rabbit Team for placing 3rd overall at the Upstate Affiliate League!!! Great work, guys and girls! Thanks to our members for coming out and cheering on your team and the teams from the other local boxes. We had a huge crowd here on Saturday and can’t wait to participate again! Please keep an eye out on the blog for the next UAL try out and competition dates!! You could be on the next team! Keep training hard!

Warm Up

“Around the Gym” x 10; 2 Rounds


Weighted Plank:  Guys= 45#     Ladies= 25#

4 rounds (1st & 3rd round no weight)


Box Jumps 24″/20″


Front Squat 45/35

*Rest: 90 between rounds

One person maintains the weighted plank position for as long as they possibly can, while the other teammate performs as many reps of the exercise as possible. When the person holding the plank fails, both parties immediately “STOP” trade positions and resume the exercise. Don’t forget to let your partner know what number you left off at, so they can maintain the count from there. Continue until each team member has  performed all of the exercises listed.



“After Party”


****5:00 kids class will be a combined partner WOD in the adult class. Bring your child to be your partner today! 

Starting Saturday, June 29 we are requiring that all kids are signed up for class at least 1 hour before class begins. It’s the season for summer camps and vacations so we are experiencing some understandable inconsistency in kids’ classes. Let us know that you are coming at least 1 hour before class so we can be sure to have a kids trainer ready to go! If no one is registered an hour before class, the class will be canceled.

ADULTS!! please register for class online! We are adding assistant coaches everywhere that we can as classes grow! Help us out by letting us know that you are coming! 

REMINDER! we will be open for 1 class only at 9 am on Thursday July 4th!