Friday, July 12, 2013

Just as a hot soapy shower after an intense CrossFit workout is a must to help us rinse off the sweat and become fresh again, the same goes for our workout clothes and gym shoes!  Really try not to use the same gym clothes and gear every session. It can be easy to fall into a pattern of just leaving them at work, or stuffing them into a handy gym bag, and then putting them back on again the next time you want to get your WOD on.  But it’s important to take them home and wash them before wearing them again.  I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that nasty germs and not-so-sweet smells can live in your clothes, too!  Best to maintain a routine in which you clean ‘em up, switch ‘em out, and keep ‘em fresh!

Sometimes even clean clothes can smell funky. Clothes gather bacteria over time and sometimes washing just isn’t enough. Here are some great natural suggestions from CrossFit Code Red.

Use Natures Miracle, found in the pet isle of most stores. Great for a pre soak/wash for eliminating smells and stains.

Get rid of smelly CrossFit gym clothes

Add white vinegar in your rinse cycle. This helps kill the odor causing bacteria without hash chemicals and it leaves your clothes smelling laundry fresh.

Kill that odor causing bacteria on those CrossFit clothes

And for on the go or those stinky gym bags, try using Pure Ayre, (an all natural febreze) found at most whole food markets.

Fight smelly gym gear

Warm Up

200m Run

Arm/Leg Swings x 10




Team 7k Row (switch every 250m)

Teams of 3, 9k Row (switch every 250m)

It’s official! Kids’ Classes  are switching back to 4:30 pm! Bring your kids to class while you take the 4:30 adult class! Kids classes are offered Monday/Wednesday at 4:30 for the remainder of the summer and Saturday at 9 am & Sunday at 5 pm.

Reminder! Kids must be preregistered for class 1 hour before class begins. if no one is registered 1 hour before class, class will be canceled. Thanks!

*9 am and 11 am Saturday class is canceled this weekend! Come cheer on friends at the Greenville Games!